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FlexPod delivers proven performance, agility and value for customers by offering best in class converged infrastructure solutions for enterprises and service providers.

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FlexPod helps businesses and institutions all over the world to be efficient, support their customers, and drive successful outcomes. No matter what proprietary or legacy software and systems your hospital, energy company, manufacturing plant, government agency or school system uses, FlexPod will fit right in. Discover what FlexPod can do for your organization.

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Ray Ciscon, Senior Systems Engineer

"It leveraged the existing technologies we had with new blade server technology and NetApp's expandable storage."

Andrew Bradley, CIP System Engineer

“It's a flexible, stable solution that allows us to use the various component together with few outages.”

Mark Latimer, IT Manager

“We've been able to scale it easily, having gone through growth cycles, especially with clustered ONTAP.”

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