10 Top Benefits of Switching to FlexPod

10 Top Benefits of Switching to FlexPod

An IT Central Station PeerPaper Report Where Real Users Talk About Their Converged Infrastructure Solution

Discover why real converged infrastructure users choose the FlexPod converged infrastructure solution for their data centers. Drawn from user experiences described on IT Central Station, this paper highlights ten ways the FlexPod platform increases IT responsiveness to business demands and helps IT serve business clients through pre-validated storage, networking and server technologies.

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Why Real Users Choose FlexPod

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Innovative, Reliable Technology

“I look for a vendor with an established history of innovation of stability. That’s one of the things with NetApp and Cisco. They’re leaders in innovation in their fields.”

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Performance, Flexibility, Storage Efficiency

“The benefit is the speed, it’s the performance. That’s what it comes down to is performance of the solution.”

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Integrated, Single SKU Solution

“The most valuable feature is the fact that it’s one SKU. Basically, if we have an issue with any one of our features – whether it’s VMware, Cisco, or NetApp they pull everybody together and they work together to solve the issue.”