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FlexPod with MAX Data Means Your Company Can Have It All – Now

“I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now.”


In the past, companies have been unable to cost-effectively improve performance for critical applications while also delivering mandatory data protection and disaster recovery. Typically, when technology experts discuss performance, efficiency, data integrity, availability, or cost-effectiveness, you must choose one—or two at best. You can’t have them all…

 …until now.

NetApp MAX Data software, combined with Cisco USC Servers and Intel Optane memory, is wowing industry analysts with its unprecedented test results and customer value. Evaluator Group is the latest firm to take a deep dive into MAX Data, which provides low-latency acceleration services for persistent memory while still delivering enterprise-class data management – meaning you can have it all, now.

NetApp MAX Data Accelerates Your Business

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.”

Arie de Geus, Shell Oil

It’s a complicated economy where speed and data reign supreme, and businesses make difficult decisions every day by relying on massive databases. Companies struggle to be successful when ineffective infrastructure impedes storing, securing, accessing, and manipulating that data. Big data can bog companies down, turning decision-making into a tedious process. As such, few issues are as critical to organizations as the ability to run critical applications at the speed they require while protecting data and keeping costs low.

Application owners are continually seeking to lower decision-making time and increase productivity. Improving application speed is an essential factor but must be balanced with the need for data resiliency and protection. Memory-accelerated FlexPod with NetApp MAX Data software rewrites the rules for enterprise applications and delivers speed, security, and cost-savings.

Evaluator Group, an IT analyst firm dedicated to providing independent expertise on Data and Information Management, worked with NetApp to test FlexPod along with NetApp MAX Data software. Their testing demonstrated how memory-accelerated FlexPod with NetApp MAX Data architecture delivers optimal results for data-driven organizations.

The NetApp MAX Data Test Results Are In

The technical evaluation found that memory-accelerated FlexPod with MAX Data was able to accelerate critical application workloads through the intelligent use of persistent memory while providing enterprise storage features and the potential for TCO benefits. But, in this case, numbers speak louder than words.

Here is a quick summary of the Evaluator Group results:

  • MAX Data enables up to 5 times more I/O operations.
  • Operations are completed up to 40 times faster than with even the best all-flash storage systems.
  • MAX Data enables applications to access data in under 50 microseconds, a 100-fold gain compared with older hybrid or rotating media systems.
  • MAX Data version 1.3 showed up to a 2x increase in random write I/O rate, with an 18x decrease in latency for virtual environments. Recently MAX Data version 1.5 was released, showing significant benefits beyond version 1.3 for virtual environments.

And, with no application changes required to use persistent memory, your risk is significantly lowered. The bottom line is that MAX Data is faster than flash and is rewriting the rules for performance. Faster trading for financial services, faster transactions for e-commerce, faster analytics for AI—the possibilities are endless.

Download the new Evaluator Group report to learn about more results.

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