FlexPod SF:

the next-generation cloud storage infrastructure solution


FlexPod SF

Cisco and NetApp reimagined converged infrastructure with FlexPod, changing the landscape and anticipating the future of IT. Now, FlexPod SF ignites the full potential of next-generation storage infrastructure, empowering IT and business users to quickly respond to the needs of the business, and facilitating innovation across the organization. FlexPod SF equips your enterprise for ever-increasing customer demands and the IT of tomorrow.

FlexPod SF is cutting-edge cloud storage infrastructure with the proven performance, agility and value required for today’s enterprise.




FlexPod SF, with 100+ world record benchmarks, reliably runs hundreds of applications on a single platform.

  • Achieve predictable performance for multiple applications in parallel
  • Easily control performance and capacity priorities without disruption
  • Increase quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate 93% of storage performance issues with QoS
  • Get 89% less unplanned downtime



FlexPod SF seamlessly meets business demands with simplified management and scale.

  • Automate every aspect of provisioning, management and reporting with 100% programmable infrastructure
  • Manage your data center as you need it with your framework of choice
  • Respond to changing demands on the fly—with non-disruptive operations
  • Increase system capability and performance almost instantly
  • Deploy VM 5x faster



FlexPod SF optimizes your IT with a trusted best-of-breed solution.

  • Buy only what you need when you need it
  • Reduce operational overhead and risk with pre-validated designs
  • Focus IT resources toward business innovation and value
  • Decrease administrative time by 12X

Ray Ciscon, Senior Systems Engineer

"It leveraged the existing technologies we had with new blade server technology and NetApp's expandable storage."

Andrew Bradley, CIP System Engineer

“It's a flexible, stable solution that allows us to use the various component together with few outages.”

Mark Latimer, IT Manager

“We've been able to scale it easily, having gone through growth cycles, especially with clustered ONTAP.”

Build Your Own FlexPod

Configure and build your very own FlexPod! Go to and choose your network, compute and storage gear. See what your FlexPod will look like as each component is added. Then, save and share your design.

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