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Virtualized environments enable enterprises to quickly provision new users, maintain compliance across desktops and servers, and scale on demand without adding cost prohibitive hardware to the budget. FlexPod, from Cisco and NetApp, is purpose-built for high-capacity virtualized environments that enable enterprise workloads to function seamlessly at scale. And, with easy configuration and management, FlexPod allows businesses to scale globally while reducing both operational and capital costs.

Customer Stories

Rapid Provisioning with Increased Scalability

“Our average server build time has been reduced by nearly 75%, from four hours to one hour. Additionally, due to ongoing initiatives to leverage FlexPod in other areas, we also reclaimed almost 62U of rack space.” 

– Shawn Foran, Senior Manager, Core IT Operations, ICON

Implementing your virtualization system on FlexPod allows you to grow storage capacity without interrupting the end user, allowing you to rapidly deliver more reliable services without costly downtime. ICON, a leading biotechnology firm, unified global storage of its 6 petabytes of data on FlexPod to enable rapid provisioning to its 11,000 employees, all while reducing footprint, cutting operational costs, and simplifying management.

Read the Success Story:

NetApp FlexPod Enables Global Storage Unity for ICON


Virtualization for Data- and Processing-Intensive Workloads

FlexPod allows businesses to leverage virtualized private, hybrid and public cloud computing models while lowering the initial design cost, simplifying management and enabling horizontal scalability and high levels of utilization.

Read the Solution Brief:

FlexPod Datacenter with Citrix XenDesktop/ XenApp 7.7 and VMware vSphere 6.0 for 5000 Seats

Improve High-Availability and Network Quality of Service

FlexPod and VMware provide a foundation for accelerated VDI transformation with multiple built-in features to improve high availability (HA) and network quality of service (QoS).

Read the Solution Design:

FlexPod Datacenter with NetApp All Flash FAS and VMware Horizon - NVA Design

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